DataChunk Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 DataChunk (const QString &label, const QColor &color, int size, bool visible)
QColor & getColor ()
double getDPRatio ()
int getIndex ()
QString getLabel () const
double getMaxValue ()
double getRangeMax ()
double getRangeMin ()
double getValue (int ind)
double getValueToDraw ()
double getZeroValue ()
bool isVisible ()
double linearMap (double x, double rmin, double rmax, double outMin=0, double outMax=1)
bool loadRawData (const QString &filename, int column)
void setColor (QColor color)
void setData (double value)
void setDataRaw (double value)
void setDataRaw (int ind, double value)
void setDPRatio (double val)
void setLabel (const QString &label)
void setRange (double min, double max)
void setStyle (int style)
void setVisible (bool vis)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 41 of file evodataviewer.h.

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